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I found this great blog today and had to share it :D 

Refashionista is an amazing seamstress who refashions awful thrift-store finds into new clothes and some of these results are so amazing?? Check her out! :D

she is a goddess


I have to repost this just to say: this woman looks through thrift stores and buys up plus size garments to refit to her not plus sized body. Plus sized resale, vintage, and thrift items are hard to find as it is. This woman can find clothes literally anywhere she wants. For people who are fat and poor and can’t afford new plus clothes (which are already way more expensive and poorly made than straight sized clothes) this is a real slap in the face. Not to mention her “before” photos where she holds the clothing out like she’s Jared from Subway.

Basically, fuck this woman. Go buy and alter shit from your own size or do it from scratch and leave plus sized clothes alone.

Ed note: There’s a lot of language around how “ugly” these clothes are. You’re right, options for fat bodies have always been abysmal and believe me, it’s soooo funny to have a thin person point that out.

I was actually thinking about that,
. I completely agree with you. A lot of the time I find stuff at thrift and big box stores that I absolutely LOVE in the plus size section, but I tend to leave it alone because the entire fashion industry is based around cis women about my size and who the fuck am I to take their things away from them? Also, part of the reason I never started a clothing line and I only ever do costumes or custom garments; I haven’t yet cultivated the skill of designing clothes for bodies that aren’t normative to the fashion industry. I’ve always designed for my shape, size 4 up top, size 10 on the bottom, or I’ve designed for the heroin chic model body. I’m not proud that I am not skilled enough to design for other bodies, it’s something I’ve struggled with for years. but I’m not going to start making a line without being able to provide something for everyone. Something that makes them feel beautiful. /endfashionrant

Being a plus sized woman myself, and a great lover of thrift clothes because I can’t bring myself to spend $70 on a single garment to make myself feel like I’m dressing up, this post has always bugged me. I’ve been trying to find dresses in thrift shops lately because I feel like I need to expand my wardrobe to include some of the more girly things, and I get lucky if once every ten trips I can find a single dress that fits with minimum modifications necessary. And I have to share these pieces with my mother, because neither of us can find anything that’s really right for just us. I could have bought that top dress, done the same thing she did, only kept 3/4ths of the fabric where she probably only kept 1/8th-1/4th of the material.

II always tell people that it’s easier to take away fabric than to add fabric, and I know this from experience. I have to find things that are even larger than I am if I’m going to modify them to better fit me, because it’s too hard to take something smaller and modify it bigger - because you can’t find the right fabric, or get the pattern blown up in proportion, and it’s a pain in the butt. So yes, if you’re going to modify a shirt or something, order it or get it a size larger, BUT ONLY ONE OR TWO SIZES. Leave the plus size clothes for us plus sized persons please, because it’s already hard enough to find stuff…. but even more so if all the skinny crafty people take all the huge clothes and cut away over half the material and throw it out.

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There’s been too much Rick/Ren on my dash making me feel too many things, so here’s a quick giveaway to cheer things up! There will be only one winner who’ll receive both Rick and Kieren.


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  3. The giveaway will end September 30th (11pm EST).
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  6. Your ask box must be open for me to leave a message if you win.

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